Council Rep Schaaf Opens Shop Soon

In a year-end message, incoming District 4 Rep Libby Schaaf has invited everyone to the city-wide inauguration.  All the newly elected officials, including Schaaf, will be sworn in next Monday at 11am, at the Fox Theater.  The event is free and open to Oaklanders, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meanwhile, the transition seems to be moving swimmingly.  Jean Quan is focused on staffing up the Oakland mayoral team over the holidays, effectively handing District 4 to Schaaf.  We have also seen Schaaf dipping her toes in the water, by addressing a safety matter or two on the local Montclair Safety & Improvement Council (MSIC) message board.

Starting January 3rd, Rep Schaaf will be located on the second floor at City Hall.  She’s available at or (510) 238-7004.  Her council aide, Jenny Feinberg, may be reached anytime at

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