Superlocal Rain and Weather

When the severe weather arrives, we are always trying to gauge what’s happening right in the Oakland Hills.  Somehow reports from Oakland’s airport or other Bay Area locales doesn’t cut it.

The superlocal weather stations are currently reporting through Wunderground online.  Enter your address, and the site returns the nearest reporting location to you.

Or click to see live and historical weather at these locations:   Indian Way — Joaquin Miller — Piedmont Pines — Above Thornhill.

As you are probably aware, there’s a hazardous weather warning  issued by the National Weather Service for the Bay Area.  We assume you have already battened down the hatches.

Yes, the rains and floods do happen this time of year.  Remember to pay attention and clear nearby storm drains of debris and leaves — whether you have officially adopted a drain or not.

To protect your turf, come and pick up sandbags and plastic sheeting at the Public Works’ satellite office:  5921 Shepherd Canyon Road.  If you are experiencing storm-related damage, then make sure to call Oakland’s Public Works Call Center at (510) 615-5566 for emergency help.

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