Montclair Virtual Art Gallery: Meet David Miller

Just as there are poet laureates, our East Bay Parks laureate should be artist David M. Miller.  He creates beautiful watercolors and oils, and shares our local scenery, weather and moods perfectly.

Let’s start with this Redwood Regional Park painting, which captures second generation trees and filtered light so well.  The image literally feels like the walks we take all the time, while wandering around the hillside trees.

Miller likes to experiment with different kinds of work, and created this thistle as a focal point for Wildcat Canyon scenery.  Using watercolor and ink, he’s able to shift from a typical view to something that’s…typically all over our socks after a walk.

We next travel to Lake Chabot, where Miller’s watercolor plays up the lakeside itself.  Notice the prominent reeds and growth around the large reservoir, along with the subtle colors which emerge here.  This image lets you stop and soak in the place, especially during the summer season.

Wrapping up the local parks tour, Miller captures a slightly ominous Tilden Park sunset.  We experience an imperfect, past-peak sunset, which contributes to our discomfort.  Add in the birds, and this painting feels a bit like Hitchcock, no?

David Miller lives in Berkeley, but we’ll claim him as a Montclarion.  His love of the Oakland and Berkeley hills is outstanding, and his plein air painting honors our place.  He grew up at Point Reyes, and embraced his artistic side while working as an engineer.  Now he insists on painting every single day, and experiments with political and other genres as well.

For the past decade, Miller has created and displayed his artwork around the Bay Area.  He last showed his works locally, at the Montclair Gallery, back in 2008.  Since then, he has been part of featured and group shows nearby.  Visit David’s website here, which lists his schedule and presents an even larger virtual gallery.  You may reach him at or call 510-816-9581.

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