District 4 Candidates At Debutante Ball

Last night, candidates for the District 4 City Council seat arrived at their Debutante Ball.  They were invited by Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association, which held the dance at Monaghan’s.  During this two-hour event, there were sufficient opportunities to meet and greet  Jill Broadhurst, Jason Gillen, Ralph Kanz, Clinton Killian, Libby Schaaf, Melanie Shelby and Daniel Swafford.

These District 4 candidates have plenty of energy and mojo to tackle our city’s affairs.  They bring different work experiences from public and private sectors, as well as volunteer accomplishments related to schools, parks, business districts and more.

During one-minute introductory pitches, the candidates shared their priorities.  In different measures, they want to wrestle with the city budget, despise the idea of laying off cops, seek public safety improvements, and/or search for economic growth triggers.

It was great to watch the candidates interact and introduce themselves to neighbors.  While listening to complaints or tough questions, they mostly seemed able to respond with equanimity – and we’re duly impressed.

During the event, the League of Women Voters also took a few minutes to explain the brand-new instant runoff voting this November.  When voters pick first, second and third choices, previous vote-splitting candidates have a better chance of getting elected.  It could impact this District 4 race, who knows?

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