Filing Deadline For Montclair Mayor

If your pet doppelganger is interested in representing Montclair District, then you must take action pronto.  For the seventh year, candidates living in the district are invited to run for our mayoral post.  The filing deadline is this Friday!

The pet election raises funds for a real-world cause, namely the Pet & Wildlife Fund.  Over the past year, veterinarians have healed wild animals including an opossum, hummingbird and cormorant.

Your Montclair Reps At Work

Last year, a brand-new politician arrived on the scene and beat all the seasoned pros.  Little Bear has admirably served as mayor of Montclair, making appearances and generally improving the quality of life in our district.

In addition to Little Bear, another seven animals served on the 2009-2010 mayoral team.  Bella, Molly, Gracie, Alice, Rico and Nitro served in traditional roles as canines.  Alex, the first turtle ever elected, served as conservation commissioner.

Our representatives have been dealing with all sorts of local matters, whether they related to parking meters, city beautification or safety concerns.  We think they listen and respond to local needs.

How To Field Candidates

There are several easy steps to nominate your canine, feline or other species candidate:

  1. Find a local and willing business sponsor.
  2. Take a candidate photo, and save it on a CD.
  3. Be prepared to spend $25 for the entry fee.
  4. Complete this nomination form in full.

Given the Friday deadline, please hand deliver everything to the Montclair Veterinary Hospital (map).  If you have questions, then reach the official registrar at or 510-339-2400.

Montclair nominees should support paws on the street.  The primary takes place from May 3rd-30th, and winners run from June 1st-20th.  At the Sunday Farmers Market, shoppers visit the voting booth to meet candidates and cast votes for a buck each.  We believe that online voting will also be available.

The 2010-2011  mayor and team will be announced on June 20th, at 1pm.

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