Merger Planned In The North Hills

Who said jurisdictional changes can’t be made?  At least two Oakland neighborhood councils noticed they shared interests and territories.  If all proceeds smoothly, then a peaceful merger will take place under the newly-created North Hills Community Association (NHCA) banner.

One of the groups, the North Hills Phoenix Association, formed after the 1991 Oakland Hills fire and initially helped locals re-build from the ashes.  Since then, Phoenix volunteers have focused on ensuring a safe environment for residents living between Claremont Avenue and just beyond Highway 24.

Meanwhile, the North Hills Neighborhood Council launched as a more typical Oakland crime prevention group and wanted to expand into other quality-of-life concerns.  Their larger territory mirrored all of Police Beat 13Y, ranging from the Berkeley border through Thornhill Drive.

With the new North Hills Community Association, volunteers will join forces.  Four representatives from each group are drawing up the structure and by-laws of their combination, and have already drafted a unified mission:

We strive to realize a cohesive community that is environmentally healthy, safe and secure in the hills area north of Thornhill Drive.  Our organization coordinates with the Cities of Oakland and Berkeley, especially the Fire and Police departments and City Council members, and with other government, neighborhood and volunteer organizations to accomplish these goals.

The organization represents the interests of the residents of the North Hills to the cities and beyond on matters addressed by the group with a particular focus on preparedness, safety, and security.  Our goal is to keep our community safe, beautiful and a pleasure to live in.

The new association seeks to help northern Montclarions with “emergency preparedness, vegetation control, erosion control or construction management” as well as crime-related matters.  Are there other priorities that concern you as well?  Please reach either the North Hills Neighborhood Council (at or the North Hills Phoenix Association (at with your thoughts.

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