Oakland Wins An Oscar

It’s true!  At the Oscar awards this weekend, Pixar’s Up received golden guys for best original score and best animated feature.  We watched locally-based director Pete Docter accept the feature award on primetime TV – and loudly hooted and hollered for Oakland.

Pixar sometimes sneaks a Bay Area reference into their movies, which makes sense considering the animators work in nearby Emeryville.  Oakland made a cameo this go-around, as the place where you could eat ice cream and truly appreciate life.

Pete Docter lives somewhere in spitting distance of Piedmont Avenue.  So when our Oscar winning director decided that an ice cream shop belonged in the story, he naturally cast Fentons Creamery as the idealized spot.  According to Fentons folks, he goes there all the time with his family and friends.

We are now officially immortalized by Members of the Academy, no less.