Rainy, With A Chance Of Blooming

The last couple dark, gray and rainy days were a little depressing, as we head into the winter season.  However, we managed to look up and see the November blooms – and realized all is not lost this time of year.  There’s a profusion of colors everywhere.

Purple Flower

Anything with jewel-like purple is an attention getter, and hundreds of princess flowers are blooming now.  Apparently these beauties hail from Brazil, typically thriving in tropic and subtropic spots.  Somehow they survive in this bad weather, though.

Pink White Flower

There’s nothing like a flashy flowers that says springtime, such as these pink and white numbers.  Light blue flowers provide the nice backdrop.  The hills seem ready for their Sunset Magazine photo-op, right this minute.

Red Flower

We also see plenty of pineapple sage, a late bloomer that lives in northern climates.  It’s strange seeing bees buzzing around the flowers, even in this misty weather.  At some point, we’ll have to pull a couple flowers and try to brew tea.

So look up from the fog, and feel a little better.

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