So Many Weekend Activities…

When we hit the weekend, there’s always too much to do.  We all know about catching up on errands, carting around the kids or going out for a bite to eat.  What gets lost in the noise…is Oakland!  We live in the horn of plenty, with so many weekend activities worth checking out.

Over the past season, Today in Montclair has curated events that sound interesting – whether they’re taking in culture, appreciating nature or supporting good works.  You can see them linked as “our social network” in the right-hand column.  You can also read summaries or else subscribe to a feed.

Today In Montclair's Picks

Why bother? After all, we enjoy the East Bay Express, OakBook and other online (and sometimes print) papers as much as the next guy for art, music, movies, festivals and many more listings.  Yet some activities are still missing, like stairway cleanings or neighborhood meetings.  Also the listings are endless, so we pluck events that catch our fancy.

We also hear from you, a lot.  Montclarions want to promote their gatherings and we’re happy to oblige.  Just send a message to your faithful blogger, and we’ll get your announcement live.  Or you can post ’em yourself at our social network as well.

Let’s get back to this weekend. Although we’re past Labor Day, this coming weekend is chock-a-block with activities that make Oakland the place we heart.  The range is kind of startling, when you step back:

After a while, have these goings-on turned into background noise for you?  We think so, and that’s why we feel duty bound to re-acquaint you with the simpler Oakland pleasures – just in case you can find a few hours here or there.

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