Welcome Back To School, Reality Checks

The new school year should be a joyful time, filled with renewal and hopefulness.  There’s something about seeing teachers, parents and students buzzing around again…which reminds us of other realities.

The Teachers

We are so lucky to have great teachers!  Here’s a quick shot of Jennifer Formoso, a first-grade teacher at Thornhill School, taking a breather during her final classroom preparations last Friday.

Reality Check #1 – Since we live in Oakland, the teachers aren’t exactly overpaid.  Yet they take responsibility for making sure students are supplied properly, and spend their own money to do so.  Pencil boxes anyone?

Thornhill School Teacher

The Schools

Our elementary schools do offer solid educational experiences, as evidenced in the annual academic test scores for hills kids.  Everyone truly cares, and that combination of parents and teachers works well.

Reality Check #2 – The school facilities and grounds are part of sound education, and have seen better days.  Just look at the Montclair School, in this picture snapped Monday.  Does this look like a first-rate environment?

Montclair School Yard

The Access

In the calculus of Montclair living, residents want their progeny to attend good, convenient schools.  They note the nearest elementary school and likely figure it’s within walking or bike-riding distance, so all is well.

Reality Check #3 – Yesterday the traffic was at a standstill around Joaquin Miller School (and Montera School), raising the blood pressure of parents and other drivers.  Why aren’t there safe, walkable paths to school?

Joaquin Miller School Access

Welcome back to the Oakland Hills schools, for the 2009-2010 year.  We’re proud of the education for our kids and the cooperation among principals, teachers and parents.  We accept that fundraising is important so programs like the arts – “free” in our era – are still offered to hills kids.  Though it sure would be nice if Oakland budgeted and paid for the basics.

One thought on “Welcome Back To School, Reality Checks

  1. I’ve been to so many other schools all over Oakland that don’t have anywhere near this degree of vandalism and poor upkeep. We currently have an old portable classroom that has been in place since 1940…..yes, 1940! As a Montclair School parent, it’s frustrating. Our wonderful principal does her best but we are dealing with an inept school district that makes the most curious decisions. Forget trying to reach anyone at the grounds department, we’ve all tried. We just want to know why other schools are well maintained and ours isn’t. I think the fear about the “temporary” portables that were put in for our upcoming building project is that they will end up being there for decades. We’ll see. Our kids got to start the school year with a parking lot full of broken glass, a destroyed Native garden that parents put in last year and graffiti around the school……

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