Hella Hot, Hella Hot!

Oakland’s always perfect, when it comes to weather.  However today we are watching everyone wilt and complain, due to our elevated temps.  In true Oakland fashion, folks are twittering “hella hot, hella hot” quite madly!  It almost sounds like a communal choir out there:

Hella hot in oakland – Hot in Oakland! – is it hella hot in oakland right now – its @##$% hot in oakland double u tee eff lol – is it me or is it hella hot in Oakland today wtf? – DAMN hot summer days in oakland i got caught in a water fight – Why Oakland Hella Hot? Damn! – hoT dAYy iN OaklanD – hot in oakland

Yes, we’re restless and panting along with our dogs today.   At least some clouds are coming into view, so this heat spell should not last forever.

Oakland Weather - July 18, 2009

What’s the weather now?  Our micro weather stations are registering very hot numbers and zero winds to boot.  Usually the hills provide relief from the flatter areas, but today it seems like an inverted situation.

On Indian Way, the temperature is close to 90 degrees right now.  At Skyline and Snake, it’s over 87 degrees.  You get the picture when you step outside.  It’s not much better anywhere else, so just get a little soda, beer, or ice cream… and chill out.

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