Full, Fleeting Rainbow Last Night

Around 8:30pm last night, a light rain shower came through the hills and then a complete rainbow appeared like Oz!  It started on the right and grew all the way to the left.  This was an unusually iridescent rainbow, with amazing orange and yellow hues in the spectrum.

We ran outside to the deck with cell phone cameras in hand, and vainly tried to capture the full, fleeting rainbow.  It was a rapid-fire event, lasting around 15 minutes or so before nightfall.

Rainbow 1

Rainbow 2

Rainbow 3

Did anyone else in Montclair see this beautiful show from Mother Nature?  After taking these shots, we were thinking about searching for lucre and leprechauns – but the rainbow vanished before we were able to explore its ends.

3 thoughts on “Full, Fleeting Rainbow Last Night

  1. We were in Sheperd Canyon Park for a bar-be-que. It was great. Then we were driving down Park Blvd. It was great to see tons of people out on the street looking at the rainbows.

  2. Caused a bit of a distraction during the Woodminster production of Peter Pan, as the audience in unison turned their heads over their left shoulders to see and admire.

    But it didn’t stop Peter from teaching Wendy and the boys how to fly to Neverland.

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