Checking In: Montclair Social Site

We’re checking in with you about Today in Montclair’s social site this morning.  As you may know, this is an adjunct resource to enable anyone to connect, discuss, post or promote things with neighbors.  It’s become a way to keep up with local events or news lately.

These social capabilities are supplied by a company called “Ning,” and we were pleasantly surprised when they highlighted us recently.  They described how we connected between the social site (pictured below) and the blog site (you are here).

Today in Montclair - Social Site

Maybe these social capabilities could be put to even better use.  Feel free to join and post/request any info about lost pets, where to find local items or services, etc.  You may also request baby, dog or house sitters here, promote your yard sales, or anything else.  There used to be a Yahoo Board for these purposes, but it’s defunct now.

Who will see your posts and requests?  They are already available on this blog, just scroll the right hand column and orange buttons.  You can find them on the social site as well.  More importantly, we have noticed that anyone googling will see these links too.

So we welcome all your mundane, everyday contributions.

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