Vote Here: Thumbs Up or Down For Pay-Go?

We’re kind of obsessed about the Oakland budget, as it races to some conclusion.  Among all the cuts is something called “Pay-Go” funds.  For those not in the know, each Oakland City Council member receives $125k annually for district priorities.

How do you feel about these funds?  Do you think they should be kept in the budget or cut now?  Please take this quick survey and let your views be known.

Survey Guy

Yesterday, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums declared these funds as an anachronism as best.  “I personally think we’ve got to end the practice of pay-go, and just move on,” he said to the the Tribune.  “I don’t think it is good public policy.”

Pay-Go funds have come in handy.  In Montclair, these funds plus private fundraising efforts led to the Shepherd Canyon parking lot.  Smaller amounts are spent on things that people appreciate, such as Joaquin Miller Park maps.

It seems like Pay-Go funds enable the Oakland City Council reps to do things they can’t get approved or done through the city itself.  On the other hand, the choices are up to each rep about best uses for these funds.

We look forward to sharing your opinions soon, thanks!

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