Those Lucky Weekday Hikers

For years, the Montclair Hiking Club has organized weekday hikes around the Bay Area.  The group is associated with Oakland’s Park and Rec Department, but essentially run by hiking volunteers.  They are very organized and carpools leave every Tuesday morning from the Montclair Park Rec Center.

Montclair Hiking Club

Last week, the Club held its annual picnic and revealed those lucky weekday hikers.  On that Tuesday, some took the long way around Redwood from Skyline Gate, while others showed up at the Redwood Gate to wander stream-side.

Generally the hikers go from a few miles to ten miles each week – and most do not look like spring chickens!  I’m not too surprised that they are still doing these amazing hikes in the hills.

This coming week, the options are either Morgan Territory or Leona Canyon.  Now that summer crowds have arrived, it makes sense to walk during the weekdays – if you have the time and energy.

The group has its own site which lists upcoming hikes.  You can also get on their email list by sending a note to  Someday I should just take the day off, and hang out with this motley crew.

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