Town Hall For Northern Montclarions Tonight

Local construction or solicitors getting you down?

Tonight you can meet with City of Oakland reps who know what to do when there are problems, and can cut to the chase.  For Montclarions living north of Thornhill Drive, there’s a Town Hall meeting tonight at 7pm – at the Highlands Country Club, 100 Hiller Drive (map).

North Hills NCPC

Bad-News Construction Sites

This Town Hall addresses problems related to local construction.  Do you know of a construction site that has been abandoned, has piles of debris, has illegally parked trucks, or is working without proper city permits?  Do you know how to file a complaint?

Rich Fielding, who manages Oakland’s construction complaint/code compliance unit, will review the steps you take when you see issues around your neighborhood.

Irritating or Non-Kosher Solicitors

The meeting also covers solicitors and how to handle them.  Scammers and other nefarious characters have been known to pose as solicitors, so it’s unclear how to react these days.

Are you unsure what to do when a solicitor comes to your door?  Would you like to know what you can do to prevent them from ringing your doorbell?  And what you can do if they persist beyond your “No Solicitors” sign?

Barbara Killey, who works in the City Administrator’s office, can answer your questions about how to handle solicitors of all types.

Other Safety and Hot Topics

We hear that Officer John Haney will attend tonight’s gathering.  As the police officer assigned to Beat 13Y, Haney is up-to-date on the Craigslist robberies and other safety matters around the northern reaches.

To help neighbors out, North Hills Council volunteers will have a few safety items for sale at the meeting:  special FRS radios and “No Solicitation” signs.

Anyway, come join your neighbors at the Town Hall.  These meetings only take place three times a year, and it’s good to meet folks you “know” online.

May 11th Update:  The North Hills Council sent out tips about handling construction blight and solicitors.   Please donate to the Council right here and receive a “no solicitors” sign for your yard.

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