Get Yer Second Bulky Pickup

Step right up, and get yer second bulky pickup from Waste Management.

Yes, your spring cleaning dreams can finally come true.  Typically your friendly garbage guys make one “free” bulky pickup as part of their annual service.  In 2009, they are giving out 500 extra pickups to first comers – and you’re eligible if this is your second request of the year.

Oakland - Bulky Pickup

Recycled and non-recycled bulk items can be hauled away.  So now there’s no excuse to keep junk sitting in your laundry room, stuffed into closets, or shoved into unused spaces.  Outside gardening detritus is accepted too.

If you haven’t done this much before, then get ready to focus on your pickup logistics.  The rules say you must tightly arrange your stuff on the curb, and less than a day before the pickup time.

Each pickup is restricted to three cubic yards, which equates to a 3x3x9 foot area or twenty 32-gallon bags.  If you go over the allotted volume, then Waste Management charges $25 per extra cubic yard.

We suggest you check out Oakland Recycles as well as their instruction pamphlet.  Then call Waste Management at 510-613-8710, to ask any questions and schedule your bulky pickup.  The thrill of less awaits you.

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