Quick Videos Of Sibley Preserve Mazes

Forget the panoramic views.  When visitors want to record their experiences at Sibley Volcanic Preserve (map), it’s all about the mazes.  Three mazes are easy to find today, with the largest one nestled in the former quarry pit.

There are lovingly-recorded videos, uploaded to YouTube and other sites, which show the quarry maze visits.  Kids are attracted to the maze like bees to honey – and here’s an example where a young girl is having fun while her father chats with her, off-camera.

Sibley Maze Kid

Another video shows the complete maze experience for two adult visitors.  Jacob walks the maze from start to finish, and seems both proud and slightly embarrassed by the taping.  Meanwhile Dan videos the short journey and declares “that was too strange.”

Local druids revere the local mazes and believe that sensitive visitors can “feel the power, the force field, energy, or chi emanating from the dormant volcanic area, and focused within the mazes themselves.”  Here’s a New Age video which celebrates the labyrinth’s aura.

During the rainy season, Mother Nature takes over and a marshy pond develops near the quarry maze.  Check out this video featuring a deafening chorus of frogs that live there.  Or view a little boy discovering these newts swimming in the same area.

If you have never “done the maze,” then take a quick drive to Sibley.  It’s just a short uphill walk along the Volcanic Trail (trail map) – and impossible to miss.

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