Park Blvd Light Goes Live, Tomorrow

Well, this has been a long time coming.  The Park Boulevard exit from Highway 13 has been graced with a brand-new traffic light, which has been “in mothballs” for a while.

Tomorrow the light will finally get turned on.  [On December 3rd, the traffic light went live.]

Traffic Light Tree

Depending on your commuting behaviors, this new light could be a blessing or a curse.  It’s easy to imagine a build-up on the highway during the rush hours – but we won’t know until the reds, yellows and greens are lit.

What was the hold-up?  We believe the PG&E staff changed and its work queue fell apart.  The power company plans to turn on the juice now, we’ll see.

November 29th Update:

According to City Council rep Jean Quan, “PG&E turned on power at the traffic signal on November 19th, as promised.  The City is now working with the contractor to complete all items on the final punch list.  This includes installing signs, pavement markings, barricades, photoelectric units, security locks, grounding, minor foundation work, clean-up, and tree trimming.  Note that all work is subject to inspection and approval by the City and CalTrans.  When all items on the final punch list are completed, the City will activate the traffic signal.”

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