Commuter Woes From Montclair

Montclarions are gas guzzling, good ‘ole Americans.  We talk a good game about being green, but I see villagers pouring onto the highways daily.

Here are sobering stats about everyone living in the 94611 zip.  Some 61% of residents are employed outside Alameda County, and 25% spend more than 45 minutes getting to work.

We’re headed to all compass points, and 62% drive alone to their jobs.  Local traffic patterns bear this out, with the exodus hitting its stride from 7-8 am weekdays.

On the green side, just 25% of us are taking public transportation or sharing rides.  I’m betting most of the carpoolers are using the SF casual option.  A paltry 5% are walking or bicycling to the office (see Bike To Work Day).

Only 18% of residents live less than 15 minutes from work.  This is the group with real options, and let’s assume everyone took the bus, bicycled or walked.  That still leaves 8% who drive for their own convenience.

While this City Data is a few years old, I think the stats hold true:  our commuting distances and times are barriers to change.  Unfortunately, Montclair’s not becoming a community of “carbon neutral” citizens anytime soon.

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