Montclair Tweeters Getting Outside Lately

Twitter has become a tour de force.  It provides a means to deliver messages that can’t be blocked by any government, including faraway spots like Iraq.  It creates a channel for everyone to share and read their memories of one Michael Jackson.  These communications can be a real window into the collective zeitgeist.

Twitter Homepage

In that spirit, we decided to see what’s happening in Montclair and the hills.  There’s nothing explosive taking place here, only the Fine Arts Festival this weekend.

After conducting a few local searches, the good news is that Montclair tweeters are getting off their duffs, venturing outside and generally enjoying the summer so far:

  • Heavy_Jumbo:   up in the Oakland Hills again…long day inspecting the hills…don’t believe the (news) hype, Oakland has spots that are just spectacular.
  • BAltmanArt:   Just back from Redwood Park, Oakland – great off leash dog walk all the way to views of Mt. Diablo – dogs look @ dogs.
  • sirshan:   Riding tomorrow AM…the heck am i doing up? Gonna be a hard climb without rest in these Oakland Hills.
  • bluecinema:   I’m in a beautiful cemetery in the Oakland Hills looking at the most epic view.   Somewhere nearby someone is blasting Stevie Wonder.
  • MatAttack:   Back from hiking in the Oakland/Berkeley hills. Lots of sun. Awesome!

Of course, there are many perfunctory messages flying among tweeters.  When you screen through a few dozen of them, you get a sense of Montclarions or Montclair visitors in general:

  • YounGabeReal:   fire scaping the jungle at the back of my house. The price of living in the Oakland hills. I should hire some help.
  • jenncharina:   @mo_par Forgot. I’ll ask Miriam. But most taquerias should have it. Go to Oakland, there’s a little place called Montclair, so precious.
  • LorenMcDonald:   Awesome mting w/ @KennyL in my childhood hood (Montclair district Oakland) – talking social/email/customer strategy & sipping Peet’s java

We have always acknowledged the village as a peaceful and slightly escapist spot, where folks go about their business without much fanfare.  The latest 140-character tweets simply underscore this sense of place.

P.S.  We are on twitter as well (link here), if you prefer to pick up Today in Montclair blog postings and links that way.  You won’t see tweets about running errands to the 7-Eleven there.

Twittering About Montclair

Have you heard of Twitter?  It’s a way to send out short messages or “tweets” which your friends, family or colleagues can follow.  Communications are under 140 characters, short and sweet.

That said, I decided to search Twitter messages about Montclair.  It’s amazing how many different things are shared this way, but the most depressing one is below.  Are Montclarions really that snooty and awful?

Twitter Montclair

Most messages are straightforward, and simply trying to stay in touch with others:  “Time for coffee – anybody in Montclair area of Oakland?”  or “@devBear try our area Montclair in Oakland. You might like it.”

Others are a bit more profound: “At Montclair Park for the last time this month.  Family moving out of Oakland.  Weird thinking about being out of 510 after 10 years.”

It feels a little voyeuristic, since all the messages are public.  Thus if you decide to twitter, you will be giving shout-outs to those who care – along with the entire world.