Skulls And Altars Today

Who needs to travel to Mexico?  There’s a huge Day of the Dead celebration today in Fruitvale, from 10am-5pm.  Founded in 1996, this annual event runs down International Blvd, between 33-39th Avenues (festival map).

At Dia de los Muertos, you will be able to check out more than 20 different altars to the dead.  These altars are filled with interesting Mexican folk art and ofrendas, or offerings for the departed.  Typically there are flowers, special sugar or paper-mache skulls, breads baked for the dead, and other artistic flourishes.

Besides the altars, there are arts & crafts, three stages with entertainment, a kids section and, of course, all kinds of great Mexican food.  This is no ordinary street festival, as it represents a long-standing tradition where Mexicans honor their dead.

The Unity Council, which supports many different community services, is hosting the event.  While not verified, our Fruitvale Day of the Dead celebration is one of the largest nationally – it will be packed but worth battling the crowds.

More info:  Dia de los Muertos SiteDay of Dead BlogWikipediaFruitvale OverviewFruitvale Glossary of TermsCorrazon del Pueblo Store

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