Private Funds Only Way To Fix Village

Well, I feel like we were led astray about Montclair Village improvements.   Last week, Montclarions were invited to a special meeting where they could react to the landscape architect’s ideas.

Everyone seemed excited and reacted positively to Leslie Golden’s plans.  That’s all well and good, but there’s no path forward right now.  These plans are simply pipe dreams!

Oakland helped to fund the planning process.  Now it’s up to Montclair residents and businesses to cough up around $1 million, if we want to fix the Village’s public spaces.

Our only hope is that Bella, Montclair’s dog mayor, starts begging for dollars during the Sunday Farmers’ market.  Perhaps she would succeed, much like this Portland (OR) dog at his own Saturday market.

Otherwise, the Montclarion reported that financing hasn’t been secured at all.  There’s a slight possibility that some CalTrans funding would be forthcoming, said Richard Cowan, chief of staff to City Rep Jean Quan.  However those resources seem unlikely in the short term.

If we really want things to happen, then a Village campaign should be launched.  We’ll put our dog mayor and other residents to work – extending the hat and knocking on local doors.

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