Foreclosures In Our Zip

How have foreclosures hit our zip?  There are precisely 1,105 housing units that are in pre/foreclosure status, including 519 that are currently owned by banks.

This morning, I was listening to a radio report about subprime foreclosures which are equally hitting urban, suburban and rural reaches throughout America.  Of course, I needed to find out and share how we’re doing locally.

The chart shows distressed counts reported by realtytrac, including pre-foreclosures, auctions, bank-owned properties, for sale by owners, and resale homes.  These counts are divided by total housing units, as reported in the 2000 census.  Finally these rates are compared in the last column.

On a proportionate basis, our zip seems to be hit twice as hard as Oakland or Alameda County.  At first this result surprised me, but it can be tough to meet the larger monthly payments around here.

What are you hearing around the Village?

4 thoughts on “Foreclosures In Our Zip

  1. this website seems a bit out of touch. why are you not talking about the almost 75% jump in home robberies we’ve had over the past month? that’s what everyone in montclair is talking about.

  2. Thanks, Jessica – True that I linked to sources before, and haven’t reported them consistently. Lemme pull up specific stats for beats 13Y/13Z and share them. Maybe I should create standard pages with them listed, so they are always here!

  3. I get Foreclosure email updates – for 94611 only – regularly. I couldn’t find one, but it is from a realty site that I signed up for at $0. I don’t get to “drill down” into the listings because I didn’t pay for the annual $ fee. But I do get to see all Foreclosures, FSBO, Pre-Foreclosures & Auctions listed. PLUS, I can sort & query easily. If it be helpful let me know. I can forward the next email I receive. Just let me know.

  4. This url should take you a map of 1,077 homes – in the 94611 area – that are under Pre-Foreclosure, Bank-Ownership, Online Auction(ed), etc. Because I’m not a paid subscriber of RealtyTrac, I no longer receive my weekly updates of additions or changes to the above mentioned homes.

    MontclairOak comments:

    Thanks Sharon. Here is where you can find the map. Go to – Enter 94611 zip – Click on map.

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