New Cop Assigned To Montclair

In Montclair, Maureen Vergara broke our glass ceiling as the first female Problem Solving Officer (PSO) assigned to the Village.  She’ll be a presence in the community, as the “go-to” contact for Montclair and North Hills residents.

PSO Vergara is pictured above, along with Montclair Safety’s Nick Vigilante, Jim Dexter and Jean Quan staffer Sue Piper.  Welcome her to the neighborhood – without any interrogation about her family, hairstyle or choice of eyewear!

Along with Vergara, the other two Oakland Police assigned to our 13Y/13Z beats are Sgt. Bernard Ortiz and traffic contact Jason Scott.  We met the other officers during early July, where they shared safety priorities.  They can all be reached via email, including Vergara at

For actual emergencies:

Calling “911” works best from your land-line.  However this number connects you to Highway Patrol, when called from your cell phone.

Here are direct telephone numbers for emergencies: Oakland Police dispatch at 510-777-3211; Fire Department and Medical dispatch at 510-444-1616; and Drug Activities at 510-238-DRUG (3784).

Since it will be virtually impossible to recall these numbers right when you need them, just take a minute to save them in your cell phones.

Corrections:  Please click on comments above.  Jim Dexter, Vice-Chair of North Hills NCPC (Beat 13Y) provides full corrections about past and current officers assigned to Montclair-related beats.  Thanks, Jim.

One thought on “New Cop Assigned To Montclair

  1. A number of corrections to the above article.

    1. Officer Vergara is not the first woman PSO for the Montclair area. In my own experience, both Beats 13Y and 13Z were assigned Officer Deborah Mack as an Acting PSO in the past. Also, we had another woman, Officer Helene Schmidtt, who was assigned to be Acting PSO for Beat 13Z for a short time.

    2. Officer Vergara is not assigned specifically to the Village, but to the entire Beat 13Z, which does include the Montclair Village. Beat 13Z represents the area from Thornhill Drive southeast to Castle Drive.

    3. Officer Vergara is not the only go-to person in the North Hills, but is certainly the go-to person for Beat 13Z.

    4. Sgt. Ortiz is not assigned to Beats 13Y/Z, but currently is the PSA2 Sgt. who supervises all of the following PSA2 PSO beat officers: 8X, 9X, 10X, 10Y, 11X, 12X, 12Y, 13X, 13Y and 13Z.

    5. Officer Jason Scott is no longer an acting PSO for Beat 13Z, and is not assigned any PSO duties in Oakland as far as I understand. He is still in Traffic, and may very well be still assigned to work in the hill area.

    6. The definition of the ‘Montclair Area’ goes beyond the Village. Montclair includes the residential area above 13 and south of 24. Therefore, Montclair includes 1/2 of Beat 13Y, represented by an NCPC called the North Hills NCPC (sister group to the MSIC).

    7. Officer Mark Contreras is the PSO for Beat 13Y, and he, too, can officially be called a Montclair PSO. Therefore, the two PSOs for Montclair are Maureen Vergara and Mark Contreras.

    8. Further, Beat 13X, now called Upper Rockridge, has a much closer relationship to the Beat 13Y/Z problems than otherwise, and could also be called a Montclair area in this context. The Beat 13X PSO is Randall Chew.

    9. Beats 13X, 13Y, and 13Z are all referred to as Beat 13 by OPD, and is usually treated as one entity during most discussions with OPD.

    Jim Dexter
    North Hills NCPC (Beat 13Y)

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