Oakland vs. San Francisco Crime Showdown

When looking through the newly-released FBI crime stats for last year, the geographic results were clearly out in the open.  There’s no question that Oakland experienced a higher level of crime than San Francisco, in a true apples-to-apples comparison.

Oakland recorded 119% more violent crimes per capita than San Francisco, and 27% more property crimes. Every type of crime was higher except for larceny theft, which was 29% lower than San Francisco.

Here’s the overall lineup, with highest to lowest differences: 343% for Rape; 212% for Motor Vehicle Theft; 184% for Aggravated Assault; 122% for Murder; 73% for Burglary; 70% for Robbery; and -29% for Larceny Theft.

The Oakland Tribune looked at Oakland’s track record alone, reporting a 2% decline between 2006 and 2007.  Overall declines continued this year, with the Oakland Police reporting 10% or more reductions in rapes, burglaries and auto thefts year-to-date.  Robberies were about even, down 1% this year.  Murders were up slightly, from 99 to 101 murders this year.

Maybe we’re shrinking some of those per capita gaps with San Francisco.  Does anyone have their stats handy, so we can compare trends versus our urban sibling?