Chabot Telescope Class For Big Kids

Chabot Space & Science Center (map) is a local treasure, best known for its celebrity telescopes:  Leah, Rachel and Nellie.  This year, Chabot celebrates its 125th anniversary of peering into the stars.

While many of the educational programs are geared to local students and families, I’m drawn to a new Telescope Class that has been announced for big kids only.

Chabot’s Telescopes Vision Telescope Class begins this Thursday, at 7:30pm.  Instead of taking a quick look through telescopes, the class really shows you how to use them:

This course will introduce you to the astronomer’s prime tool: the telescope. Gain experience using telescopes as you explore the night sky. Learn the basics of telescopic vision—light gathering power, magnification, and resolution. Find out how to use the sky and its constellations as a roadmap to discovering its hidden treasures—nebulas, star clusters, galaxies, and more—that reside just beyond the reach of the unaided eye.

The four-session course runs Thursdays from 7:30pm – 9:30pm,  on September 18th & 25th, and October 2nd & 9th.  It costs $95, or $85 for Chabot members.  You may sign up through the Chabot Box Office, at 510-336-7373.

If this really turns you on, then start building a Newtonian telescope of your own!  Nearly every Friday night, from 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Chabot conducts a Telescope Makers’ Workshop as well.  Please reach Paul Zurakowski, at 925-447-6837, for more information.

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