Willie Brown Disses Oakland, Thanks

Willie Brown, retired San Francisco mayor and political major domo, pens a weekly column at the SF Chronicle and decided to diss Oakland today about its restaurant heists.

Hey, don’t rub salt into a wound that’s healing, Willie.

While Willie cracked a joke, it was a pot-shot over the Bay to Oakland:  “By the way, there’s a new dining tip for people going out in Oakland.  Be sure to order soup.  That way when the robbery starts, you can slip off your jewelry and drop it into soup so the robbers won’t see it.”

Willie’s a little late to the party.  A few days ago, the Oakland Police nabbed the two guys (and one gal) whom they believe are linked to four of the restaurant heists.  The robbers decided to expand their scope to a nail salon, and the cops caught them afterwards.

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums made a press appearance when the suspects’ capture was announced.  He declared, “We cannot allow a few people to capture the espirit-de-corps of the community.”  He meant well.

However Dellums uttered a classic double entendre.  Were these robbers able to emulate and follow the bad mojo here?  Or were they effectively bringing community spirit down?  Now that’s funny, or maybe it’s just me!

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