Low Altitude Viewing of Montclair

For the first time, I was able to take a Cessna joyride today – which meant low altitude flying over Montclair and the Oakland Hills.  Even during the brown season, Montclair looked great!  Of course you’re able to view the open spaces above and city below, with Montclair’s forest in between.

It’s pretty different than flying commercially to/from Oakland Airport, with its view of the hills and entire Bay Area.  Even at this higher altitude, you can still see the vast open spaces that make our metropolitan area unique.

Anyway, I was just thrilled by buzzing over our hills and checking everything out.  We actually flew over all the East Bay Parks, and they seemed rather empty.  I think that’s because it was just too hot for hiking today, unless you were wandering under the trees.

When you fly at low altitude, you get a better feel (literally) of the hilly terrain in the green belt.  We followed the ridges, and the airplane bounced around from the air currents and uplifts.  Of course, this was also happening in the windy afternoon.

My regrets for not bringing a camera today – but Google Earth is one way to take a virtual joyride instead.

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