Handling The Deer Roadkill

For the past day, there’s been deer roadkill lying on Thornhill Road.  You can’t miss this deceased doe lying on the north side of the road, before Merriewood.  When alive, the doe probably looked really adorable like these grazers.

Who is responsible for removing the roadkill in Oakland?  Maybe that city worker is waiting for other wildlife to clean out the innards and make the pick-up easier.  (Just kidding.)

Someone placed an orange cone next to the deer, presumably to prevent drivers from running over it again.  Meanwhile, Bambi awaits her final burial.

This roadkill is a perfect example of our nature-city interface.  In most places with wildlife, the removals are rather prompt.  Having lived in the Rockies, I can vouch for this fact.

I’m going to assume that the Labor Day weekend is to blame, and the regularly assigned city worker is off-duty now.  However the remains can get pretty disgusting quickly, especially in the heat of the day.

We’re all used to seeing deer frolicking around Montclair, and they become even more visible at dusk and evening hours.  They seem to bound across roads at the last minute, often requiring you to slam the car brakes.

It’s a wonder that we don’t have constant roadkill around Montclair – but need to deal with them a little more quickly.

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