Uncommon Sign Of Liquors and Cleaners

We pass by the Crown business empire constantly – it’s right on Moraga (map) and you can’t miss it.  I always liked the juxtaposition of these two businesses, Crown Wine & Spirits and Crown Cleaners.  The free parking is a real draw, too.

However, I didn’t consider the place in artistic terms, until a Walnut Creeker named Kelly (aka WalledIn) snapped the sign when she passed through the Village recently.  “I’ve always been intrigued by the structures of days gone by,” she explained.

Given the push from this image, I decided the Crown business sign could be transformed rather easily into pop art.  It’s possible to invert this image into an Andy Warhol-like piece, pretty cool.  See the “before” and “after” images here.

Beyond the facade, what do Villagers think about the Crown businesses?

For the liquors, it’s a tough crowd especially with other outlets for wine.  Yelper Patricia still gave props: “Crown Liquors is our go-to store for wine and other libations… The guys who work there are great and always have a joke and a smile for their customers.  Factor in the parking lot, and you’ve got 5 stars!”

The cleaners seems to be doing well, lately.  Yelper Christophe P. explained: “This place seems to be under different ownership than in years past.  The owner and those who work for her are all very friendly… I like these people, they have always done a good job with our clothes, and they haven’t lost a piece of our clothing.”

So the Crown businesses are filling the everyday needs of Villagers.  Yet it’s nice when someone notices something uncommon about them – even if it’s simply the signage.

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