Oakland Wins On Restaurant Heists

Check out this robbery map from the San Francisco Chronicle.   You can locate some 22 restaurant heists throughout the Bay Area this year, and read specific details about each one.

Oakland is disproportionately represented, which is a bit humiliating.  There were 15 hold-ups in Oakland, including one at Cybelle’s in Montclair.

Although the newest handful of robberies hit up patrons as well as restaurant tills, there’s really no reason to curtail visits to your favorite dining spots.  Clearing of the throat:  “All we have to fear is fear itself.”

As a percentage of all restaurants, these hits are a rounding error.  I recognize we’re experiencing a new crime that’s particularly depressing, but it’s a little like getting struck by lightning.

Still, you have to wonder why most of these robberies are around here.  I’ll attribute this to copy-catting but want to know your theories!