Kudos: Montclair’s 4-H Club

Did you know Montclair even had a 4-H Club?

Today’s SF Chronicle featured a story about our local 4-H kids, who are raising farm animals within Oakland city borders. Kudos to the kids and their parents!

These kids actively raise a full menagerie of pigs, goats and chickens. They don’t exactly get positive feedback from their city-slicker friends. In my book, they are incredibly cool for doing their own thing.

My favorites are the piggies, pictured above with their keeper. They lead a pampered existence in the Hills, and I’ve heard they appreciate the San Francisco views too.

Soon these pigs will be shown at the Alameda County Fair. In preparation, the kids will shampoo and clip the contestants, and even slather sunscreen on them – pretty funny.

Yet all good things must end. The oinkers get sold each season, and (sadly) become someone’s meal ticket.

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