Montclair Embraces New Moms

Just saw this new shop, which embraces and seems perfect for new moms. The Tulip Grove has all the right stuff for babies, classes for moms, and built-in comraderie too.

Here are the founders, who want to help moms remove many of the initial “what do I do about…?” stresses. It’s tough to be a perfect Montclarion mother.

Before this, moms had more limited options.  Montclair Yoga offers a respite from babies, as well as a Mom & Baby class on Fridays at 11:15am — with the perfect mix of chaos and zen.  Of course, the coffee shops are also decent spots, but not for moms alone.

So Tulip has arrived, and is located right in the Village (map here).   For those of us without babes-in-arms, it’s also a convenient place to pick up practical gifts for friends who are expecting.