Our Pizza Identity Crisis

We have a pizza identity crisis in the Village, with five distinct styles. More importantly, there’s no authentic New York thin crusters around – and I speak from experience as an Eastern Seaboard immigrant.

While it’s possible to drive to other Oakland burgs or Berkeley for “the right pie,” at least there are options nearby. After all, pizza should be about immediate gratification.

Montclair Pizza Montage

Here are details, and site links if they have them.

  • Cybelle’s: Bigger is better pizza – Yelp – 6468 Moraga Ave – 510-339-9408
  • MG’s Pizza: Start-up pizza parlor – Yelp – 5736 Thornhill Dr. – 510-339-1300
  • Pizza Rustica: Designer pies, mmm – Yelp – 6106 La Salle Ave. – 510-339-7878
  • Viva Voce: Taste of Italia – Yelp – 5761 Thornhill Dr. – 510-339-0990
  • Italian Colors: Never tried the ‘za – Yelp – 220 Mountain Blvd. – 510-482-8094

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