Piedmont 911

Oakland North, a project by students from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, has an interesting article about people in Rockridge and Montclair calling the Piedmont Police Department for help. Piedmont Police Captain John Hunt told Oakland North that calls from Oaklanders have increased by 20 to 30 percent over the past two months.

While the article notes that Piedmont PD has been receiving emails and baked good from grateful Oaklanders, it doesn’t mention if that increase represents two to three more calls or 20 to 30 more requests for Piedmont cops. That would be interesting to know. Meantime, Emeryville and Berkeley PDs have not observed a rise in calls from Oakland residents, according to Oakland North.

2 thoughts on “Piedmont 911

  1. As I read the article, the Berkeley PD and Emeryville PD have not observed a rise in calls from Oakland residents—at least not a rise as noticeable as what Piedmont PD says they have observed. (Of course, Piedmont PD might get fewer calls than Emeryville or Berkeley overall, so an increase in calls from Oakland residents might not stand out in those other cities the way it would in Piedmont.) I wonder whether San Leandro PD has seen any increase in calls from Oaklanders.

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