“Substantive and Heartfelt”

Jay Ward, the moderator of Tuesday night’s District 4 candidate forum at Joaquin Miller school, reports that more than 80 people turned out for the event, which was sponsored by the Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association.

“The consensus was that we were very fortunate to have seven well-prepared and informed candidates running for District 4, “ said Ward. In addition to the questions given to the candidates before the forum, three impromptu questions came from the audience: What would you do to reduce crime in the hills? What would you do to bring jobs to Oakland? What specific experience do you have involving complex public policy issues?

If you missed last night’s forum, not to worry. There’s another one Thursday evening at the Fruitvale Presbyterian Church sponsored by the League of Women Voters, the Laurel Village Association, the Dimond Improvement Association, Melrose High Hopes NCPC, and the MacArthur Metro.

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