A Rat For Montclair Mayor?

In the past, only dogs have served as Montclair’s mayor – and Little Bear serves us quite well as head woofer these days.

However the 2010 primary season is presenting fresh alternatives, like a rat named Twitchy.  We asked Re4m’s owner, Lisa Tana, why she supported this unusual prospect.  “It’s appropriate that a rat would enter politics,” explained Tana, “and she’s one of our two pets at home.”

We’re excited by this year’s slate of 20 primary candidates which includes 12 dogs and three cats – as well as Twitchy the rat, Sparky the gecko, Willow the pygmy goat, Penny the hen and Figaro the miniature horse.  Primary season voting is open now through May 30th.

Let’s look closely at the pooches. Jasper belongs to Bo Obama’s party, and that might attract voters.  Hershey points like Gracie, a past mayor who’s retiring as furst officer.  Alice and Rico bring Village experience, serving as bark ranger and deputy dog respectively.  Some larger crowd-pleasers include Oscar, Drake, Rupert, Kai and Murphy, while feistier runners are named Reuben, Jay Jay and Talulah.

The cats bring contrasting views. Chi is a kitten who jumped on the opportunity with a youthful zeal.  Hank is a Maine Coon involved in Broadway shows at Woodminster.  And Stella has a classic insider’s edge, sponsored by Montclair Veterinary Clinic.  Frankly, I’m concerned about whether the felines will be civil when they meet other species along the campaign trail.

Remember, voting is open now.  Do you want to stick with the species you know, or try out something completely new?  It might be worth checking out the scene at the Sunday Farmer’s Market, because candidates often make appearances there.  The 2010 primaries are intriguing, indeed.

P.S.  Each vote costs a buck, and goes to the Pet & Wildlife Fund.

May 22nd Update:  Our City Council rep, Jean Quan, has supported the fundraiser and ever-so-slightly tipped her hat.  In her weekly newsletter, Quan declared that “I have not yet endorsed but I do personally know Figaro, the miniature pony who often volunteers at Maxwell Park events.”

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