Grille One Looks Delectable

Grille One looks delectable.  We stopped by to take a quick peek at the offerings, which included an array of grilled meats, veggies and salads displayed for all takers.  This newest dining option opened yesterday – and what an improvement for Montclair Village!

What’s there?  You’ll see a upscale food line with all the juicy roasts ready for slicing, and hugely mouthwatering.  It’s a bit hard to come up with comparisons, but this place reminds us of a very (repeat very) upscale version of Boston Market.

On the menu, the grilled selections are served as main plates or carved sandwiches.  There are also excellent salad options.  I think it will take five visits to do the place justice, and pass judgment completely.

The dining room looks lovely and has vanquished any memories of the prior tenant serving Mexican chain restaurant food.  The tables and flooring are now dark and sleek, with an urban-metropolitan feel.  Things were quiet when we stopped by in the mid-afternoon, though the owner and her team were getting prepared for the evening rush.

We also noticed that Grille One bought one of those Valpak ads offering 50% off any carved sandwich or lunch/dinner plate through July 5th, as a grand opening offer.  That’s a decent incentive to try out the Grille – and we hope they do well in the Village.