Neighbors Sharing Bees Extraction

Apparently the bees are arriving on some homeowners’ doorsteps, not to mention their in their pipes and walls.  Yes, Montclarions are hosting bees in addition to termites, ants, and good old house flies.

Recently on the North Hills Phoenix Association forum, a neighbor asked how to deal with bees who had settled inside his home.  These hive inhabitants could be heard from a particular room, not exactly a pleasant experience.

Forum readers came to the rescue with suggested bee whisperers who extract bees live and relocate them.  Khaled Almaghafi (510-524-5168) works both sides of the equation, with a bee removal service as well as a honey shop on 3622 Telegraph Ave.  Another bee expert is Earthwise’s Deb McKay (510-566-2027).

Members of the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association volunteer for swarm removals.  “The MDBA requests a $50 donation for swarm removal services.  This money is used for our educational programs,” explains the association web site.  In addition, some beekeepers on eBeeHoney offer swarm removals.  Here’s a combined list:

John Adkins (877-723-5467) – Steve Arnold (805-466-4649) – Bobby Baty (510-268-8466) – Bradley Brandon (925-497-6101) – Bill Hoskins (925-258-0279) – Patricia Indries (831-325-1382) – Laural Roaldson (lists Montclair, 925-705-2880) – Alice Rosenthal (415-272-0596) – Steve Sparks (510-913-8155) – Richard Sullivan (510-590-1706) – Joan Weir (415-845-7749) – Sara Willis (510-531-9423)

Are bees a real problem for you?  We’re wondering how many Montclarions have chased bees from their homes, either this season or in earlier years.  Please feel free to share your war stories and lessons learned.

P.S.  You may join the Phoenix Association’s forum anytime (subscribe here).  Phoenix and North Hills Neighborhood Council will officially merge in June, so Northern Montclarions will be able to reach one group for their safety, environmental and other neighborly concerns.

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