District 4 Seat: Jill Broadhurst

We’re pleased to introduce District 4 candidate Jill Broadhurst, who reached us today.  She provided many responses to questions Today in Montclair posed in April 2010, below.

Q.  Why are you running for District 4?

I have served our community for the last eight years as a community leader on parks, libraries, public safety and fire protection. I believe I’ve made a difference in our community. With an opening on the Council in District 4, I have the opportunity to continue that work in a way that will allow me to accomplish even more for our community.

Q.  Why should people vote for you?

Our Council needs to have a clear vision of how to go about achieving our goals, and the ability to implement that vision with the cooperation of all district representatives and the Mayor.  I will focus on Oakland’s core services, and how to increase the level of resident satisfaction.  I understand both the opportunities available for improving our City, as well as our limitations, and how we can deal with them.

Q. What do you hope to change for District 4 residents?

I will bring a stronger working relationship between NCPCs, neighborhood leaders, business associations, parks, and libraries and their patrons.  I want District 4 residents to know that they are not forgotten by the City.  Many of the changes are citywide enhancements that will benefit all of the Districts.

Q. How would you balance needs of different neighborhoods?

Each neighborhood within District 4 faces its own unique challenges, so I will identify specific priorities for each area.  I will first ensure that the most-critical items are addressed and managed efficiently and effectively, while simultaneously reviewing other concerns.  I will provide regular updates to each neighborhood and welcome feedback.  By advocating for and respecting the opinions of all of our District’s residents, we will help to meet the needs of the entire District.

Q.  What will be different when you are seated versus Jean Quan?

I will be the first Latina Councilwoman, I have young children who attend the local elementary public school, and I have a private-sector background.

Q.  What else would you like to share with Montclarions and other readers?

I understand that how one casts his or her vote is a very important and personal decision.   Elections provide a crucial opportunity to allow the residents of Oakland to make their voices heard, and how they vote reflects the improvements in their City and District that they are hoping to see.  I will be honored if they cast their valued vote for me, to represent them as their next Council person in District 4.  To learn more about my campaign, please visit www.jill4oakland.com or my facebook page.

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