Boost An Oakland School Library

Can you imagine going to schools without libraries or attentive school librarians?  The libraries throughout Oakland Unified Public Schools have seen far better days, and many school kids can’t take their libraries for granted anymore.

Various elementary and middle school libraries are re-stocking and, in some cases, re-opening their doors again.  There’s no question that volunteers are welcomed with open arms, to help organize and supply these bastions.

Progress is measured one school at a time. Your neighbors are now supporting Reach Academy, an East Oakland elementary school serving 310 students with an inadequate library.  On Sunday, April 18th, Montclair Local School Action Group volunteers have organized a Book Share event to collect hardcover books as well as financial donations.

It’s easy to help the school.  Next Sunday, please drop your donations at the Women’s Cultural Arts Center on Mountain Blvd (map), from 12-2 pm.  If you’re unable to make it to the Women’s Center, then donations may also be given to volunteers at the Montclair Farmers Market that morning.

What are acceptable donations? Bring along hardcovers that are in gently used condition.  Fiction picture books work well for younger kids, while chapter books are best for the fourth and fifth graders.  Non-fiction should be up-to-date, and please leave all encyclopedias at home.

As the saying goes, let’s help stock the library in one fell swoop.  Besides donations from your personal collection, A Great Good Place for Books will graciously offer 10 percent discounts when you buy brand-new books for this school.  Alternatively, you may donate money and help supply all kinds of library materials to Reach Academy.

Your donations are in very good hands! Ann Mayo Gallagher serves as the head librarian for Oakland’s public schools, and she’s devoted to improving the school experiences and to encouraging all library volunteers as well.  We first met her during the Volunteer Faire For Oakland last fall, where school volunteer programs of all stripes were assembled at the Oakland Public Library.

We’re happy to see that Montclarions are now focused on assisting Librarian Gallagher with Reach Academy.  If you want to find out more about helping this or other school libraries, please reach Gallagher and ask to join her email list:

One thought on “Boost An Oakland School Library

  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog since moving to Montclair 9 months ago, but was particularly pleased today that you included such kind words about my mother-in-law, Ann Gallagher. She does do a lot of work for the Oakland school libraries. Thanks!

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