No More Buzz Aldrin

If you remember the first lunar landing, then maybe you’ll agree that seeing Buzz voted off the stage was kind of depressing last night.  He was one of the stars dancing on a ubiquitous show, and received the lowest vote count from TV viewers.

So what if Buzz can’t dance?  He’s the second man to set foot on the moon, and we expected a few more weeks of dancing for that reason alone.  Yet most of the voters were born after the 1960s and take space exploration for granted.

Ever gracious, Aldrin decided to wish everyone well by reminding them about Apollo and past glories, as well as the future of space exploration.  He seemed happy to still be alive and kicking with the youngsters.

As a swan song, Buzz and his dance partner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he was redeemed there.  “What happened, did the gravity thing throw you off?  You should have threatened Americans with a deadly moon virus, ” exclaimed Kimmel.

The moon walker stayed circumspect, and then launched into space advocacy.  He said that our country should help other countries with their lunar explorations, while we do other things “for global space leadership.”

Kimmel quipped, “I think we need to go to the sun,” and our astronaut replied “as long as we go at night.”  Not bad, thought this blogger.

[We’ll return to our regularly scheduled Oakland and Montclair programming tomorrow.]

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