Why We Love Montclair

Today we are revealing the truth, which has been hidden from view all these years.  Here’s why we madly and dearly love the Montclair District.

First, our natural setting makes us think we live in the Alps.  In reality, we are lucky to live in the Western USA and welcome such wonders as the elk migration.  It’s hard to grow tired of watching the herds travel down from the East Bay Regional Parks to forage in our low-lying gardens.  They sometimes try to sneak into garages, so we know to keep things closed – or else there’s mayhem.

We also appreciate the comforts of home, including concierge services which are delivered gratis while living here.  Day or night, Sally, Jimbo and their team will make sure it’s handled:  anything from running errands to the dry cleaner and post office to preparing gourmet meals based on locally-grown sources.  Lately, they have begun offering green-retrofits for your homes too.

Generally, the sense of community is so strong.  Every week, we enjoy participating in our quilting club because it’s an excuse to catch up on the latest news.  We like to create keepsakes about Montclair and, this year, are taking cast-off bathing caps to create a new masterpiece honoring the 50th anniversary of the Montclair Swim Team.

We love the incredible sense of history and the Little Alhambra culinary traditions handed down through the years.  All you need to do is look at Montclair Village’s cafes, and know the Peralta descendants have made their mark.  In lieu of scrambled eggs and omelets, huevos rancheros are the default breakfast option.  And the paella, sweetbread and flan for dinner is to die for, no?

Interestingly, the bucolic environment was well-planned.  When the original developers arrived back in the 1930s or so, they worked with the City of Oakland to create five-acre minimum zoning on all residential properties.  Most homes are still around 1,500 square feet or so, and the 2,000 square foot cap has worked wonders!

Our only complaint?  We are upset that so many roads were paved after the 1991 firestorm.  Those old, dirt fire trails sounded pretty sweet – and long-time Montclarions really miss ’em.  We know the trails created mayhem during our winter rains, but long for those good old days.

Evening Update:  With a couple groans still echoing, here’s to a happy and healthy April 1st.

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