Missing Election Day, In Oakland

Something seemed empty the past few weeks.  We felt more energized last year, wrapped around the U.S. Prexy race.  Remember when good Americans were busy carving their Barack pumpkins?

This year, Oaklanders don’t even participate in Election Day!

Obama Pumpkin

What ever happened to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November?  Why did we learn this date so clearly in grade school, anyway?  Maybe November 3, 2009 matters to some Americans but we’re excluded from the democracy party.

In Alameda County, Oaklanders are not going to polls – there’s nothing on the ballot.  We have done the appropriate due diligence, and hit the Alameda Registrar’s site.  The lucky county voters live in Albany, Emeryville, Newark and the 10th U.S. Congressional District.

We’ll just watch proceedings from the outside this year.

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