Leonard Cohen Coming To Town

Suzanne takes you down, to her place by the river….

Remember Canadian poet, songwriter and singer Leonard Cohen?  He’s going to be performing in Oakland this month, and worth hearing for what may be the last time.

Back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, Cohen was a pretty popular guy.  He had a distinctly laconic and laid-back style, and we used to think Cohen was oh-so-profound.  You can chill out by listening to his greatest hits here:   SuzanneHallelujahFamous Blue RaincoatI’m Your Man

Leonard Cohen Sings Hallelujah

What’s happened to the poet?   After hanging out at a Zen retreat, Cohen emerged a few years back and wrote more poems and songs.  It turned out that he had no choice, because his life savings were ripped off while he was finding himself.   Now the 74-year-old has embarked on a World Tour and will land in our faire city.

Cohen will be performing at the Paramount Theatre, and seats are available on April 13th, April 14th and April 15th.  Tickets are expensive but not completely catastrophic, ranging from $69.50 to $251.00 per person.  All concerts start at 8pm, and should be a guaranteed trip down memory lane – or a new experience for younger folks.

More info:   Leonard Cohen SiteRock & Rock Hall of FameI’m Your Man MovieNPR Interview with Terry GrossThe Leonard Cohen Files

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