Take Survey: All About Local Sports Fields

After many inputs from Montclarions and Piedmonters, we are finally launching a survey about local sports fields.  There has been a lot of heat generated on this subject, especially fueled by the potential development of Blair Park – and this survey attempts to quantify the different attitudes towards fields available at parks, schools and local colleges.

How should we handle the demand for local playing fields?  Are there fields that aren’t used to capacity?  Should we build new fields and where?  Let us know in the next few minutes – click here.

Survey Guy

Our city parks struggle to accommodate all the sports leagues.  Mark Zinns, recreation supervisor at Montclair Park, explained “there is a large demand by groups for exclusive use of fields to run their leagues.  Not only does this put a big physical impact on the fields’ health and resiliency, but also limits when the general public can use a field for family or pick-up games.”

Yet local Andy Kleiber said the Montclair Soccer Club is already challenged by the shortage of fields, and actually reduces its practice times.  NancyL, posting on our social network, added that “we have to struggle with field assignments for practices (if there are fields available) as well as deal with gopher holes, sprained ankles, constant trash pickup, etc. etc. on the fields in Oakland.”

We could turn to our community colleges and their facilities, claimed Nancy.  “We need to press our elected officials, the leadership at the Peralta Colleges who receive funding from our taxes, and our schools too – let us use the fields, let us help maintain the fields (even if we are not in the union) and increase the transparency of field assignment processes!”

How do you feel about the local parks and fields?  Are there specific arrangements you would suggest between the users and owners of sports fields?  Please let your voice be heard, whether you are an active soccer or baseball parent – or aren’t involved in the sports scene at all.  Thanks for your help!

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