North Hills Council Stays Vigilant

As you may know, Montclair is divided into two police beats lovingly known as 13X and 13Y.   The “Y” actually ranges from Thornhill Drive to the Berkeley border, with plenty of hills and circuitous streets through Montclair, Hiller and Claremont.

In these northern reaches, residents communicate their safety priorities through the North Hills Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).  The area is doing pretty well in terms of lower reported crimes, but the Council stays vigilant.

North Hills - Ten Areas

Council officers meet monthly to discuss safety matters and establish priorities which are shared with Oakland police.  Additionally, they host three Town Hall meetings each year and local luminaries are invited to speak.  Here’s the scoop from the latest Town Hall, held on Wednesday night:

  • New Citizen Officers: There’s a newly-elected slate of leaders including Chair Nancy Mueller; Vice Chair Melissa Rosengard; Secretary Steve Reinlib; Treasurer and Webmaster Barry Pilger; Neighborhood Watch Chair Jim Dexter; and Publicity Head Sara Somers.
  • Crime Under Control: Beat 13Y residents have seen crime levels drop after two burglars were identified and nabbed last fall.  While there are no active burglary trends now, Police Officers Mark Contreras and Randall Chew continue to provide roving patrols.  The cops said that traffic officers are issuing tickets in problem intersections, as identified by the Council.
  • Supporting Audits: Oakland Auditor Courtney Ruby shared her accomplishments and challenges.  Ruby has audited measure funds, including emergency/medical and library services.  She also plans to work through all city departments.  Regardless of progress, audit recommendations aren’t treated as a priority – and Ruby asked residents to push the City Council about these fixes.

Want to help the hood? The North Hills Council welcomes your participation in sharing local safety matters.  They are still filling volunteer spots to represent each neighborhood area.  Additionally, they invite the public to their monthly meetings (times/dates), at Fire Station 7, 1006 Amito Ave (map).  Of course, North Hills residents are encouraged to share their concerns or ideas anytime with the Council, at

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