City Boosts Public Safety Team

There seems to be some good news from City Hall, since newly-appointed public safety coordinator, Dorlista Reed, will work with her predecessor, Claudia Albano.

With both Reed and Albano on board, this team represents a boost to public safety.  Now let’s see how they work together, to support community-based policing and neighborhood watch groups.

Albano issued this message about her role:

I have accepted the position of Deputy Public Safety Coordinator, and will be working under the new Public Safety Coordinator Dori Reed.  I will be talking with her…about my specific duties and how they may relate to the Neighborhood Services Division.

Last week, City Administrator Dan Lindheim surprised “everyone” when he announced changes to the public safety team.  Coordinator Albano, who was admired by many Oaklanders, received a pink slip.

There was an immediate hue and cry from Oaklanders who relied on neighborhood services.  Montclarions and other neighbors protested loudly to City Council members, the City Administrator, and Mayor.

Well, the combination of protests and good politics kept Albano on Oakland’s payroll.  We think Oaklanders may end up with even more support for local neighborhood and safety initiatives – and that has to be a good thing.

2 thoughts on “City Boosts Public Safety Team

  1. Hi Everyone,

    The current status, as of Friday:

    1. Thanks to an enormous, unprecedented outpouring of support throughout the City of Oakland, the Mayor decided to retain Claudia Albano as Assistant to the Public Safety Coordinator. However, Claudia is now making 10K less than before, and her stated duties are significantly different than before.

    2. Dori Reed (Mayor Dellums new Public Safety Coordinator) said on Wednesday night that Claudia will continue to be involved in Neighborhood Services, but we are not clear yet what that actually means.

    3. Dori Reed advised me on Thursday at Noon that Felicia Verdin will be moved to CEDA and Dori has no control over that decision, which is totally unacceptable to me and I will fight it until I am dead.

    4. It is rumored that the Mayor’s Staff wants to place someone else physically in charge of the Neighborhood Services staff, not Claudia. That also is unacceptable to me.

    A request has been made to obtain a professional mediator and schedule a meeting between a group of well-known Oakland community leaders and Messrs. Dellums and/or City Administrator Lindheim to discuss and attempt to resolve the issues.

    I will keep you posted.

    Thank you for your support of two very wonderful City of Oakland employees.

    Nick Vigilante
    Chair, MSIC

  2. Recall that both Claudia Albano and her associate, Felicia Verdino, were both asked to vacate the premises?

    While there’s been a lot of coverage about Albano, some news emerged about Verdino’s whereabouts today. She was supposed to move to another position in the city administration.

    It turns out that Verdino will remain in Neighborhood Services after all. In her current role, she oversees five police service technicians as well as organizes things for community leaders.

    Both Albano and newcomer Dori Reed advocated for her to remain in place. Sometimes things work out the way they should!

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