Where To Book Dead Tickets

Yes, it’s true.  The Dead are undead again, and have announced a new spring tour.

By virtue of our geography, we are all honorary Dead Heads.  Maybe some of you can name concert dates/venues from your past, while others are wannabes.  Here’s another limited nostalgia trip, even without leader Jerry Garcia RIP.

Dead Tour 2009

What’s fun is playing the game, aka trying to nab a few tickets during the “pre-sale” period.  Ticket sales for Shoreline Ampitheater and all locations begin January 13th – click dead.net for details.  You should plan to go online at the strike of midnight, which beats lining up somewhere.

I understand that UC Santa Cruz, sacred keepers of the Grateful Dead’s papers, already chartered buses for this one Bay Area concert.  That way, their students and faculty can make an Olympics-like assault on Shoreline – only kidding.

Maybe some of you have the time, energy, desire and bucks to follow The Dead around the country, dunno.  There are 20 scheduled concerts in April and May, including many East Coast spots like Wilkes-Barre, Albany and Buffalo.  Do you really care that much?

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